As we mentioned for dropdown menus, if it takes a user more than three clicks to reach information he or she is after, they will leave your site. You, as the website owner, need to provide that information with as little user interaction as possible. Fly-outs are another great tool to accomplish this.

Fly-outs are basically dropdown menus on steroids. They provide an even richer and neater way to give users content without them having to do much at all. The concept is the same as dropdown menus in that they hover their mouse over an area on the screen and a content box appears. This time though (as opposed to dropdown menus), they get more than just extra links. Fly-outs can contain tables, images, lines, videos even.

More likely than not, you’ve already seen fly-outs in action on this site. Hover over the menu links above to see what a fly-out looks like. You will start to see them more and more in sites but they are still a fairly new feature.