• 4 large oranges
  • 2 medium yellow onions


Peel the oranges and set the peel aside. Thinly slice the one onion, finely chop the other.


  • Make sure oranges are large
  • You can also use white onions

Tabs is a great component for organizing data on a page. Your users click the appropriate tab at the top, for example, and the content below is replaced quickly without having to go to another page. This is another component that allows you to present new content much more quickly and without requiring the much slower process of loading an entire page.

This component works extremely well where you have quite a bit of pertinent and relevant content to show the user, where the users really needs to access all of it to understand the concept. The example above of a recipe is a good one. The instructions for a recipe do not do much good without the ingredients and visa versa.

This design is also a good alternative to vertically stretching a page with content. Keep it all on one screen and avoid scrolling.