Our Base Plus package offers all the essentials and in addition includes up to an hour of updates each month at a discounted rate and constant monitoring of your site to ensure around-the-clock optimal performance.

Starts at $50 / mo


We will host your website in our world-class data centers including best-of-breed servers and routers, state-of-the-art security, 24/7 physical security, and 24/7 network monitoring.

Domain Names:

We can manage your domain name for you. This includes private whois*, transfer management*, locking and unlocking*, and renewals*. This is another part of our end-to-end full-service offering meeting all of your web needs.

*We will only pass on costs (no value-add costs) to you for these additional services if any are incurred.

Help & Support:

We will help and lead you all along the way, before and after your site is live. We will resolve, many times before you even notice, any and all functional and technical issues with your website.  You do not need to worry about understanding technical jargon or having to troubleshoot your site. We are great at bridging the technical divide and will put everything in terms that you can understand.

Patches & Updates:

We will patch and update your website’s platform files to ensure that it meets all security threats before they become an issue.  These fixes also ensure your website continue to perform at the high level you have come to expect.

Email: *

We can host as many of your domain emails as you like.  Each mailbox will have unlimited space, access to calendaring, and more.  Note that hosted email incurs an additional monthly charge.  For more information of this service, please visit our Email service page.

If you would prefer to handing the hosting yourself (e.g., using Gmail, Yahoo, or other hosting services), we can create, free of charge, email forwarders for your addresses.

Automated Sitemaps:

To ensure that your site has the best chances for success and your rank is optimized, you will need to let the search engines know when new content is posted to your site.  You want them to come crawl your site and index the new content as quickly as possible.  This feature will ensure that they (Google, Bing, etc.) do just that.  Each time new content is created on your site, we will ping the search engines and let them know of the content.  This ensures your content is picked up at all and much more quickly.

Analytics: *

We will install analytics software on your website to track how your users are consuming your website.

– Where are your users from?
– How long is each user staying on your site?
– How many hits did that blog post get last month?
– Who referred them to your site?
– What country do they come from?
– …and so much more

For the Base+ package, we will set you up with access to your site’s analytics but it is up to you to use the tool and, more importantly, interpret the results.

For the Enhanced and Deluxe packages, we will create monthly reports for you interpreting the results and how you can optimize your website to take advantage of the information.