The value package is a great deal for small businesses that need a custom-designed site but don’t require complicated back-end functionality. We will create a look-and-feel that communicates your message and up to 4 high-value popular components.

Starts at $780

Look & Feel: Customized Basic

The first thing you think about when you see a new website? All sites convey and communicate with their colors, shapes, lines, images, lighting and shadows, font style, and much more. This activity can be one of the more time-consuming in any website project and proper care and effort should be given.

  • Choose from standard themes – You can select the standard design that best suits your needs.
  • Customized Basic – After an initial meeting to understand your likes and dislikes, we will build up to 2 custom concepts. You will then have an opportunity to suggest changes before finalizing the design.
  • Customized Plus – We will meet and discuss your needs nd desires. We will then go off and design between 2 and 3 concepts for you to decide among. You will then have up to three rounds of changes and tweaking. The design you pick will be the look of your new website.
  • Customized Premium – This is our premier solution for that amazing website look. We will meet with you multiple times to understand what you like and how best to design the website from the ground up. We will then go through multiple rounds of concepts and changes until you are completely happy with your new website design.

Core: Wordpress

What core or framework will we use to build your site with. This is standard practice as all websites are built on some form of framework.

  • WordPress – The king of frameworks, simpler and easier.
  • Drupal – The do-it-all framework, very powerful but complex.
  • Custom – We’ll build you a custom framework if needed.

Pages (up to): 6

We will design a certain number of pages for you.  This does not refer to the content, rather to the look and layout of the page, which can differ from the home page as well as others on the site.

Content Complexity: Low

A well-built website is designed from the ground up organizing your data in an optimized fashion to allow you or others to most easily manage it.  A well designed and built data model and taxonomy structure paves the way for better search rankings, more intuitive manageability, and enhanced scaleability.

Popular Components: Up to 4

The most popular components found on websites around the world.  Based on your package of choice, you will be able to pick a set of popular components to use on your website.  If you would like more than your allotment, you can include additional components for a small additional fee.  Click the components below to get a better idea of what each of them does.  Most have samples for you to play with.

Mobile Friendly: *

Providing your users a mobile version of your site is increasingly becoming a requirement of new websites.  More than 50% of all web devices, for the first time in our history, are mobile like smartphones and tablets.  And although most smartphones allow you to open any website, without including this feature your users will need to zoom (pinch) the screen, scroll, and generally struggle to use your site.

We will design mobile-friendliness into your site from the ground up.  Your users will see the same site and get all the same features but without having to zoom or scroll.

*For the Value package, mobile-friendliness can be included for an additional $350.